Pistol 1

The foundation for all future training.

About Pistol 1

This half-day course is built for every firearms owner and will lay the foundation for any and all future training. What to expect in Pistol 1; safety, range etiquette, loading, clearing, shooting fundamentals, drawing from holster, dealing with malfunctions, fighting mindset, and 2 timed skills.  The topics covered in this course will prepare all students to build effective skills for the long term to ensure safety and effectiveness. Our ultimate goal is to equip you to defend yourself and your family.


  • Quality semi-auto pistol
  • Outside the waistband kydex holster with retention.
  • Shooting belt or sturdy belt to support.
  • 3 magazines
  • 2 magazine pouches
  • 250 rounds
  • Eye and ear protection

Recommended gear:

  • Pants for range
  • Sturdy closed-toe shoes
  • Weather appropriate clothing
  • Pen and notepad
  • Water & snacks
  • Range chair
  • Sunblock
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