Mama Bear Defense

Essential firearms safety and self-defense training for women
Mama Bear Defense

About Mama Bear Defense

Welcome to the Mama Bear Defense Course, specifically designed for the guardians among us who are committed to mastering the skills necessary for firearm confidence and readiness. This program is tailored for women who aim to be prepared against potential threats in daily scenarios, regardless of previous experience with firearms. Our comprehensive training covers everything from the basics of pistol operation, including loading and unloading, to the core principles of firearm safety. We delve into essential topics such as maintaining vigilance in various situations, the essentials of concealed carry, and strategies for responding to violent encounters or active shooter scenarios. Whether you’re new to self-defense or looking to enhance your capabilities, this course will empower you with the confidence and preparedness to protect yourself and your loved ones.


  • Quality semi-auto pistol
  • Outside the waistband kydex holster with retention.
  • Concealed Carry holster (if you have one)
  • Shooting belt or sturdy belt to support.
  • 3 magazines
  • 2 magazine pouches
  • 150 rounds
  • Eye and ear protection

Recommended gear:

  • Pants for range
  • Sturdy closed-toe shoes
  • Weather appropriate clothing
  • Pen and notepad
  • Water & snacks
  • Range chair
  • Sunblock
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