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Brady Duke

Meet Our Expert Trainer: Brady Duke

Built on a decade of experience in the SEAL Teams, and multiple years of instructing tactics for the Military, Law Enforcement, and other government agencies, Duke Defense offers firearm training with a level of knowledge and experience that stands out in the market.

Led by founder Brady Duke, Duke Defense firearm training sessions are created for firearm owners to lay their basic foundation or build on their skilled firearm training. Courses cover safety, range etiquette, loading, clearing, shooting fundamentals, drawing from holster, dealing with malfunctions, recoil management, target transitions, interpreting angles, fighting mindset, use of cover/concealment, timed skills, and more.

Duke Defense courses cater to both beginners seeking to start with firearms and experienced shooters aiming to challenge and improve themselves. From mastering pistol basics to advanced combat and operator pistol and rifle training, our courses will not only equip you with skills but also push you beyond your limits.