Pistol 2

More dynamic pistol skills; target transitions, intro to movement, interpreting angles, and more.

About Pistol 2

Completion of Pistol 1 is required

This half-day course will review safety and evaluate each student’s shooting fundamentals and basic skills from Pistol 1. What to expect in Pistol 2; recoil management, target transitions, intro to movement, interpreting angles, use of cover/concealment, and 2 timed skills. Students will be trained on more dynamic pistol skills furthering each individual’s capabilities in defense. Our ultimate goal is to equip you to defend yourself and your family.


  • Quality semi-auto pistol
  • Outside the waistband kydex holster with retention.
  • Shooting belt or sturdy belt to support.
  • 3 magazines
  • 2 magazine pouches
  • 250 rounds
  • Eye and ear protection

Recommended gear:

  • Pants for range
  • Sturdy closed-toe shoes
  • Weather appropriate clothing
  • Pen and notepad
  • Water & snacks
  • Range chair
  • Sunblock
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